Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Services Based on Experience

I have been both Beverage Director/Buyer for restaurants (Coburg/Spice Merchant/Hot Tomato's) and Buyer for retailers (Twin Liquors/Central Market/Grapevine Market). I taste 9,000 wines a year, love food and wine pairings, and discovering values at every price point and style. Great wine truly does come from great fruit, from great land. Furthermore, the handling of the wine during its' cellaring/ageing process also affects the final experience.

I've taught wine, spirits, and cigar classes. I've held hundreds of tastings. I've held staff trainings for the food, beverage, and hospitality industries. I've worked as waiter and bartender. I've helped build and/or sharpen many private cellars. I started my personal wine collection at the age of 23 and LOVE the "sweet spots" of wine age-ability. I know which wines have personality and which wines are what I refer to as "faucet juice". I live for sweet spots and best-of-breeds. It is extremely important to me to figure out where YOU are with wine and walk with you. I appreciate all levels of experience and want you to be comfortable. I want you to feel and look like a star, to be excited about, and absorbed in, your wine experience.

I am a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) from the Society of Wine Educators and am currently working towards the Diploma Wine and Spirits (DWS) from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust of England.

Most importantly, I have surrounded myself with mentors and friends that have graciously helped guide my sense and experience (knowingly or not!). I admire many of the folks in the wine industry and am constantly reminded how incredible the food & wine community is! I learn from everyone I am around and it never stops.

Time is the most precious asset and I appreciate yours. All consultation is done on a confidential basis at an hourly rate. Please browse my SERVICES, listed in the left navigation.




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