Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Wine For Sale in Texas

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For Sale in Texas Only indicates that a label exception has been made. Labels are required to list the source of grapes. If a winery doesn’t want to use an appellation (usually because they are importing grapes from out of state) then they can leave the appellation off, ask for an exception with the caveat that they use the “For Sale in Texas Only” notation on the label.

Now, a winery might get an exception or use the notation for other reasons, so that is not a hard and fast rule, but if there is no appellation listed, you can rest assured that they are importing grapes from California, New Mexico, Oklahoma or somewhere and they don’t want their buying public to know that. They may even be blending their own grapes with out of state grapes, importing made wine and bottling it, importing juice, grapes or even bottled but unlabeled wine. There is nothing illegal about the practice, but it is a bit deceiving to make people think they are buying wine and supporting the Texas winegrowing industry.

When purchasing Texas wine, look for “Texas”, Texas Hill Country, Texas High Plains, or even a county name on the label. It can’t use a vineyard name if it is not in an AVA. If you don’t see anything like that AND it has For Sale in Texas Only, you are buying imported juice.

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