Wednesday, December 01, 2021
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The Bonarda & Carmenere Yumdom Wine Wagon…

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Two varietals that carry a might for exploration! More and more South American wineries are popping them out of their closets. Bonarda & Carmenere. Roaming the land of Argentina and Chile.

Many believe Bonarda was brought over from Italy by 19th and 20th century immigrants. Along with Criolla (Mission) and Malbec, it is the most widely planted grape in Argentina. But alas, there are those who believe that Argentinean Bonarda is actually a California grape called Charbono…which some experts believe is a strain of the Italian Piemontese grape Dolcetto!

Carmenere once vied with Cabernet Sauvignon for quality in France’s Bordeaux region. But when the root louse phylloxera swept through France’s vineyards in the late 1800s, Carmenere didn’t take well to grafted rootstock and was thought lost to history.

Before phylloxera, some supposedly Merlot vines from Bordeaux were planted in Chile. At least, it was thought to be Merlot. More than a century later in 1994, it was discovered that much of Chile’s Merlot actually was Carmenere, and now other areas of the New World are discovering it.

I recommend discovering both Bonarda and Carmenere, if you haven’t already…
These varietals are waxing cult dreams. Hop in the yumdom wine wagon and go.
Take a stroll…

.. in Argentina with a

2003 Crios Bonarda $15 A- +2 **


‘03 La Posta Bonarda Estela Armando $14 A +2 **.

.. in Chile with a 2003 Casa Julia Carmenere $10 A- +4 **.

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