Sunday, June 04, 2023
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Find out which wines and spirits you should buy for your wedding and why. Learn what's critical in starting a tasting group.

Host a Wine Tasting

Hosting a Wine Tasting

A great excuse to get together.

Conversation, camaraderie, and exploring the world of wine are a comforting thing.

Having a blind tasting keeps everyone on their toes and honest.

Decide People –Who are you going to invite? Could be among friends, could be political “reason to get together”, could be parents of kids from the same school, neighbors on the block, or just folks that want to start the endless journey of wine. Any reason is a good excuse to have a wine tasting. Invite people that are open, will appreciate the experience, and will get along. Wine can bring out the best in people or the worst. 

Invite only the number of folks that can fit comfortably in your home or wherever the tasting is held.

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