Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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These cats have created the only wine bar and store of its kind in Austin. This is not Vino 100 with the ‘unfamiliar wines’ on the shelf so that you don’t know the lesser quality and tremendously higher prices you pay. And although I am a big fan of Lake Travis Wine Trader, Wink, and Fion Wine PubVino Vino has found its own unique path with its clever selection and passion. This is where I'd go if I wanted to be turned on to liquid heaven that I might not know or if I was in the mood to be electrified. This is a warm and inviting wine lover’s haven. This is THE wine place to get turned on to the cool & groovy. THE place to meet someone after work. THE place before a play or after a movie. THE place to get away to relax on a Sunday afternoon or just to pick up a cool bottle of juice for dinner at home. There is a reason Vino Vino recently received a “Silver” in the Good Taste Report’s “Austin’s Best Wine Stores”. This is truly a deserving treasure nestled in the Hyde Park Neighborhood.

Educated, passionate and extremely service-oriented. The passion shows. These guys love wine! They want to turn you on!


You won’t find a better wine selection at any other winebar in Texas! Hands down. There are many by the glass, but you can drink anything in the store as long as you commit to at least 2 glasses per party! It’s not necessarily the quantity. It’s the quality. The staff tries new wines all week long to choose what is worthy to turn their guests on. As their website says, they “look high and low to find wines that are a bit out-of-the-ordinary.” Vino Vino also has one of my favorite espressos in Austin!  The food menu is small and quaint at this point, but it will expand as demand does. 

To be able to hang out and have a glass here, it’s the best deal in town. You will not find a better winebar selection. And you throw in the value of Vino Vino actually ‘finding’ these newly discovered and delicious wines that most retailers haven’t even heard of, and you’re basically stealing from them! 


In front of the store, next to Hyde Park Gym, or behind store in alley.


VINO VINO (the website for one of Austin’s Best Wine Bars & Best Wine Stores)

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