Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Water 2 Wine

Wine Stores

An interesting concept.
120 wines from 12 countries.

Choose your own adventure. This is the

wine home-brew, but you make it in their kitchen, following a specific recipe, based on the particular wine you want to make. They have the grapes, the must, the everything… You try the wine before you proceed to make it. You are guided through the process (from fermentation to bottling to the label), but you actually do the work. 45 days later and you have your own wine.

You can also purchase one of the 120 wines from the retail shelf (under their label, ranging from $10 to $22 a bottle). The wines have relatively few sulfites and other symptom-producing chemicals for the allergy-inclined. Like Microbrews and Homebrews in the beer world, the various varietals all seem to be light to medium-bodied with sort of a one-dimensional-homebrew, ‘extremely’ friendly, easy-drinking personality.

Water 2 Wine

In preference order.
1. ‘03 Yamhill Pinot Noir $20 B- -10
2. ‘03 Malbec tastes like$10 C+
3. ‘03 Brunello tl$14 B-
4. ‘03 Montepulciano tl$10 C+
5. ‘03 Chateauneuf-du-Pape $22 C -10
6. ‘03 Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc NZ tl$11 C
7. ‘03 Pinotage S.Africa tl$9 C
8. ‘03 Riesling Columbia Valley tl$11 B-
9. ‘03 L’Collage (Bordeaux) tl$12 C+
10. ‘03 Barolo tl$11 C
11. ‘03 Chianti tl$9 C-
12. ‘03 GSM tl$12 C
13. ‘03 Fortissimo Super-Tuscan tl$12 C+
14. ‘03 Gewurztraminer tl$8 C+
15. ‘03 Cab/Shiraz/Merlot Australia tl$9 C
16. ‘03 Amarone tl$11 C-
17. ‘03 Sauv Blanc NZ tl$9 C
18. ‘03 Symphony tl$8 C

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